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Experiencing continual sadness, anxiety, panic, or family traumas? All individuals and families go through periods of intense difficulty. The word "FUN" has never been a good word for these times. If you feel there should be more to life than this- You are absolutely right we can live life as it was meant to be lived!

Here at The Bridge, we are committed to walking this journey with you. We get to the heart of issues and then work to bring you needed relief. We then help you move forward through goal focused steps to make the needed transitions.

We will work with you to help relieve the pain you may be facing....

Emotional Struggles Life Transition Issues Career Loss and Change Marriage and Family Issues Anxiety Phobias PTSD Constant Conflict With Others Extreme or Continual Sadness Child and Adolescent School Issues Depression Grief Sadness

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Check out our pages for "Counseling Services "Marriages and families have not only been saved, they have been restored through our counseling/coaching team...We have specific marriage training and the deep concern to work with couples and families.You will have a committed and experienced couple to work with you and your spouse through your transition to a strong marriage. Our page on Marriage Counseling/ Coaching will explain our work with couples and the deep commitment we have for you and your family. Our work is based on Christian principles, deep personal concern for you, and sound therapy practice. We are here to help! Call or Email Us Today. Check out our pages on "Accelerated Resolution Therapy."