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Marriage Counseling and Coaching

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Give Your Marriage A Gift This Christmas Season!

Ronnie and Debbie Smart, care deeply and have years of experience helping couples!  Give a lasting gift to you and your spouse. 

*(Sessions are approximately 90 minutes
If You are going through some tough times in your
marriage and things seem hopeless to you-

Please know that Marriages can not only be saved-

They can often be Restored to the Love and Intimacy intended for marriage!

If you and your spouse are willing to seek help there is Great Hope!
 We are able to offer a combination of Marriage Counseling and Coaching to couples who are seeking to stabilize and improve their marriage. Ronnie and Debbie Smart work together with couples to provide this service. They have a deep desire to help couples restore and develop their marriages into everything that they should be. They provide both a wealth of experience in their own marriage as well as extensive and successful experience working with couples. Their formal training includes Marriage trainings from The Gottman Institute and the American Association of Christian Counselors. John and Julie Gottman, founders of the Gottman Institute, are renouned marriage experts and have spent years developing a proven system to save marriages. The AACC provides an array of trainings given by Christian Marriage Counselors from around the nation.  Ronnie and  Debbie work with processes designed for the needs and success of each individual couple.
The Counseling/Coaching  process that we use provides you with a qualified married team who cares deeply about each couple, works together with the couple during each session, and is available for phone check-in and consultations during the week between sessions. We are willing to walk through the restoration process with you.
We seek to stabilize the downward spiral of the marriage and begin working to help the couple start moving forward in their marriage in the very first session. The first session is more indepth as we begin the process to help the couple to begin restoring their marriage. The first few sessions can last over one hour or much longer depending on the condition of the marriage. Future sessions are usually about an hour-depending on the couple's needs.
No  Communication?  Empty Love Tank?  Adultery?  Hopeless?


If you and your spouse are willing to seek help-
There is Great Hope!! Most Marriages Can Be Saved!!
While we cannot guarantee any results, our results for couples have been extremely positive.  The length of time  depends on the condition of the marriage and the ability of the couple to move forward. Many of our couples spend 6-10 sessions in this process. It can take much longer  for some couples depending on the condition of the marriage. When you look at the cost compared to divorce in every way-financially, emotionally, family life- it can not usually compare. It is almost always better to work towards change and restoration.
NOTE: Please know that we will not encourage a couple to stay in a marriage if either partner feels she/he is in danger from the other partner.


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