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Counseling and Coaching Services Lake Nona


What are you dealing with?

Family traumas 
Relationship problems 
Other issues

Everyone goes through times of intense pain, but you don’t have to manage your suffering alone. We’re here to help. 

At The Bridge Counseling and Coaching, we walk the tough roads with you

We work with you to get to the heart of the issues and to help you find relief and move forward. It may take a few steps or many steps, but with focused goals, we’ll help you transition to wholeness and healing.

Find Relief from Your Pain

anxiety and depression therapy Lake Nona Our training and experience equip us to help you find relief from the following issues.

Emotional Struggles
Life Transition Issues
Career Loss and Change
Marriage  Problems
Constant Conflict with Others
Extreme or Continual Sadness
Child and Adolescent School Issues

Marriage Counseling and Coaching

We are deeply committed to help bring healing to marriages. 

This commitment plus our specialized training in marriage counseling enables us to deliver specific and targeted help. We come alongside struggling husbands and wives and work vigorously to you build strong and vibrant marriages.

Our work is grounded in Christian principles and built on sound therapy practices. Through the work of our counseling and coaching team, relationships have been reconciled and marriages restored. 

Please visit our Marriage Counseling/Coaching services page and learn about our processes, training, and credentials.

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Ron Smart and Debbie Smart marriage counseling life coach Lake Nona

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)


Licensed mental health counselor Debbie Smart is trained in ART therapy and offers this technique to help clients suffering from:

post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
depression and anxiety
sexual abuse trauma
obsessive compulsive disorder
job and relationship issues

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Life Coaching

Certified Life Coach Ron Smart works with clients to develop the skills, awareness, and clarity that help them gain purpose and direction in their lives. Whether it’s managing stress, becoming a leader, or developing a deeper spiritual life, clients can accomplish these and other goals others through Ron’s proven life coaching services.

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