Family Counseling

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Family Counseling Lake Nona

Is your family going through a difficult time? 

Whether problems come from misunderstandings, conflicts between siblings, parent/child relationship breakdowns, or child development issues, these and other difficult situations affect the entire family. Tension and unresolved negative feelings can leave all family members  stressed out, uncomfortable, and at wit's end.

At The Bridge, we feel great compassion for struggling families. We have raised three children and now have six grandchildren. Our personal experience plus many years of working with families in a therapy capacity has shown us that, with help, even families in very difficult situations can heal, mend, reconcile, and enjoy resolution and peace.

Your family may benefit from counseling if: 

  • You have suffered a family loss
  • A family member struggles with substance abuse
  • There are problems between parents such as different parenting philosophies or divorce
  • Your teen has behavioral problems 
  • Your children struggle with sibling rivalry

How Family Counseling Helps

Family counseling Lake Nona opens up lines of dialogue and communication and helps family members understand each other's perspectives.  During counseling sessions, each member has the opportunity to learn how to communicate better and develop techniques to de-escalate conflicts. This can also help with parenting issues, such as conflicting parenting styles, enforcing rules, and being consistent with children once rules are set.

How is that achieved?

Our aim at The Bridge is to facilitate  communication and help families develop healthy ways of talking and resolving conflict. If it becomes evident that a family member would benefit from an individual session to work on specific issues, we may recommend adding that to the overall family therapy treatment plan. A family is a unique ecosystem, and issues that affect one member of the family can affect the entire unit. 

Benefits of Lake Nona Family Therapy

We believe that effective family therapy can yield wonderful benefits. 

  • Clearer, calmer communication: Family members learn to express their feelings more clearly and listen to each other more neutrally and compassionately.
  • Conflict resolution: Families receive tools and learn techniques for resolving conflicts in a healthy manner, reducing frequent arguments and misunderstandings.
  • Strengthened bonds: Through therapy, family members can strengthen their relationships and develop deeper  understanding, empathy, and connection with each other.
  • Behavioral change:  Destructive behaviors can be addressed and modified, transforming the way family members interact. 
  • Healing of emotional wounds: Unaddressed or minimized wounds can begin to be healed.
  • Support during transitions: Family therapy can be particularly beneficial during times of significant change, such as divorce, the death of a loved one, or moving to a new place, by providing a supportive environment to cope with the stress associated with these transitions.
  • Individual support:  Individual family members can emerge from therapy feeling supported and validated, confident that their needs are being considered and addressed within the family dynamic.
  • Learning about family patterns: Therapy allows families to understand their own patterns and dynamics, empowering them to break negative cycles and to build healthier relationships.

If your family is struggling through a difficult time, please contact us. We would love to help. Call us at the number above to set up an appointment for family counseling Lake Nona or email us by clicking on the button below.