Counseling For Children Ages 9+

Childhood and adolescence are pivotal stages in life, filled with discovery, growth, and challenges. Recognizing the unique needs of children ages 9 and above, Heal at the Bridge is proud to offer specialized child counseling in Lake Nona under the expert guidance of lead therapist Debbie Smart.

A Safe Place for Your Children to Receive Help

Debbie has extensive experience working with children in this age bracket. She understands the myriad emotions, social pressures, and developmental changes they undergo. Through her empathetic approach, Debbie provides a safe space for children to express themselves, learn coping mechanisms, and build resilience.

Heal at the Bridge's counseling for children Lake Nona is not just about addressing immediate concerns; it's about equipping children with the tools to navigate life's challenges with confidence. Whether they're dealing with academic stress, peer pressure, difficult family dynamics, or emotional challenges, they will receive loving counseling tailored to their unique needs.

Every Child Deserves to Heal and Blossom

At Heal at the Bridge, we believe every child has the potential to thrive. With our child counseling Lake Nona service, we aim to nurture this potential, helping children flourish mentally, emotionally, and socially. Trust in Debbie Smart and our dedicated team to champion your child's well-being and holistic growth.

counseling for children Lake Nona