Conflict Resolution

conflict resolution Lake Nona

We all experience moments of frustration, whether in disagreements with partners, friends, and family or with colleagues in the workplace. 

Are you struggling with persistent conflicts where you feel your frustration is out of control or where you can't make any progress toward resolution?  We provide therapy services for conflict resolution Lake Nona and beyond. 

Conflict Resolution Lake Nona

Common Responses to Conflict

  • Avoidance: Some people respond to conflict situations by avoiding problems and not talking about them. Unfortunately, problems rarely go away by being ignored.  Eventually, they must be addressed.
  • Aggression: Some people appear dominant and aggressive in their communication when in conflict situations. They worry that if they don't set the rules and steer the conversation, their needs won't be met.
  • Sacrifice/Surrender: People who surrender or sacrifice in conflict situations are often perceived as diplomats who give in to the demands of others.  Maintaining relationships is their main goal. However, surrender does not always lead to healthy resolutions.
  • Collaboration:  In times of conflict, collaborators explore the wants and needs of the other party and ensure that opinions get heard and feelings validated. This style of conflict resolution requires cooperation, positivity, and healthy communication between the parties.

Ultimately, understanding a person's wants, needs, and behaviors helps to bring insight and clarity in conflict situations. 

Lake Nona Conflict Therapy 

At Heal at the Bridge, we come alongside people who are struggling with conflict situations. If both parties can be present in a therapy session, we have the best likelihood of getting to the root of the conflict and helping each individual.  

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