Couples Counseling

At Heal at the Bridge, we believe all couples can work through breakdowns in the relsationship and once again experience love and intimacy, especially when both partners are willing to seek help.

Many factors can put strains on couple relationships. Resentment, misunderstanding, mistrust, intimacy issues, health issues, and infidelity are all things that erode bonds and drive wedges between people.  Nevertheless, with therapy, relationships that are stalled or broken can be repaired and restored. 

Couples Counseling Lake Nona

Our staff at Health at the Bridge--Ronnie and Debbie Smart--are certified, trained, and credentialed (State of Florida, Gottman Institute, and American Association of Christian Counselors) professionals. They bring years of experience in couples therapy plus first-hand lessons gleaned from their own long marriage. 

Treatments may include:

Gottman Institute methods

• Cognitive behavioral therapy

• Emotionally focused remedies

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

Please call us at the number above to make an appointment or send us an email through the button below. We would be honored to come alongside you and work with you to bring restoration to your couple relationship. See more here.

Please note: If either partner feels she or he is in danger from the other partner, we do not encourage these couples to stay in the relationship.