Cost of Services

Individual Counseling

Most individual sessions will be 60 minutes. Sometimes it is important to work through more serious issues in a session so that you can begin to move forward. You can choose a longer Dig Deep Session for those times. The Dig Deep Session is often used for our Accelerated Resolution Therapy (trauma). It is also used for the first session. 

Call us for a free 15 minute phone consultation to talk about your needs and cost.

*60-Minute  Session:  $135

Marriage (or Couples) Counseling

Our marriage and couple's counseling team is widely recommended in this area. The team is co-led by a husband and wife team, Ronnie and Debbie Smart, who will work together with you.  Ronnie is a Certified Christian Life Coach and Debbie is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. 

Ronnie and Debbie work together with the goal of helping you and your partner to not merely restore your marriage or relationship but to help you grow into a future relationship that you never thought possible. (Please read our Marriage Counseling Page to learn more about our process for restoring marriages.)

Our team seeks to stop the downward spiral of the marriage in the very first session and begin moving forward towards reconnection and restoration.  It is almost always necessary for the first session(s) to be at least 90 minutes so that adequate progress can be made. 

This is a very important step you are taking for your marriage and family! While we know that this is very costly service, it is much less costly than divorce or family strife.  We care deeply and desire to keep costs down for you. Please remember that these sessions can help you save your marriage. Our team will be available and here for you during the process. 

Sessions are 90 minutes for couples and involve an intake process.

We will usually work together with you as a husband and wife team to provide both counseling and coaching as needed in each session. Most couples who are willing to work hard to save and grow their marriage are able to work through this process within 2-4 months.

*90-Minute Marriage or Couple Session:  $250

Premarital Counseling Package   

We are very excited to offer this new service to engaged couples.  Please note that these sessions are not designed  for addressing deep seated issues. They are designed to help engaged couples grow in emotionally focused connection as they learn to communicate on a deeper level, evaluate financial needs together, and examine family backgrounds and relationships. 

We offer a 5-session (60 minutes each) package  for some engaged couples. It will help you start your marriage on solid footing. We highly recommend that you seek premarital counseling from either us or another qualified group! This package is designed for couples who do not have deep seated problems that would take more indepth counseling to work through.

*5-Session 1 hour (each) Premarital Package: $450

Family Counseling

Our Family Counseling Program is used during family crises. It seeks to work with you individually and as a family unit to work through disconnection and move towards restoration. 

We usually work  individually and together with parent and children to accomplish needed changes and growth. Session time is approximately two hours for family groups.  Please know that we can usually provide the most help by offering small counseling groups within the family to begin with,

*2-Hour Session: $275

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