Pastoral Counseling

At The Bridge, we recognize the profound impact one's relationship with Christ has on  well-being, growth, sense of purpose, work health, and family and community connections. Thus we're proud to offer pastoral counseling  by our dedicated life coach and ordained minister, Ronnie Smart.

Biblically-Based Lake Nona Pastoral Counseling

Our Lake Nona pastoral counseling intertwines Biblically-based spiritual guidance with therapeutic approaches. It's not just about addressing mental or emotional concerns, but also delving  into one's spiritual journey and foundation. Under Ron's compassionate guidance, clients can explore life's challenges in the light of faith, finding solace and strength from both Biblical teachings and evidence-based therapeutic practices.

Our pastoral counseling Lake Nona service is tailored for those who seek to align their Christian beliefs with their life situations, offering a unique blend of coaching and spiritual counseling. Whether grappling with life's hardships, seeking purpose, or looking for spiritual direction,  you will find Ron is here to guide and support.

Offered by a Licensed Minister and Life Coach 

With his dual qualifications as a life coach and ordained minister, Ron brings a unique depth to pastoral counseling Lake Nona. The Bridge is committed to offering holistic therapeutic solutions, and our pastoral counseling is an outgrowth of this commitment.  

pastoral counseling Lake Nona