Adolescent Therapy

adolescent therapy Lake Nona

Adolescent Therapy Lake Nona

Navigating the turbulent waters of adolescence is a challenge for many young people. Emotional ups and downs, peer pressures, self-identity struggles, and academic concerns are just a few of the hurdles they encounter. We understand the complexities of this phase of life, so we offer specialized adolescent therapy in Lake Nona under our lead therapist Debbie Smart.

Daily Struggles, Trauma, Abuse

We have extensive experience with this age group that helps us connect with adolescent clients. We provide a secure environment where young people can  express their feelings. We work with them to identify core issues and develop coping strategies and self-awareness. 

When issues such as depression, grief, trauma or abuse are present, we draw on our experience, training, and tools to work through these and help adolescents find healing and wholeness. 

Adolescent therapy Lake Nona, under Debbie's guidance, helps young people deal with core issues and set foundations for cultivating lifelong mental and emotional well-being. With Debbie's dedicated support, young people are equipped to handle life's challenges head-on, growing into resilient and self-assured adults.

Counseling for Lake Nona-Area Teens

With Heal at the Bridge's commitment to holistic healing, our adolescent therapy Lake Nona service is tailored to meet the unique needs of every teen. Let Debbie Smart and our skilled team walk alongside your adolescent, ensuring a smoother transition to adulthood. Family therapy sessions are available to augment the individual work done by your young person.

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